I'm Sophie: an artist and designer from ohio with a love for nature and life. My passion is to create – from sketches on napkins to 40 foot murals.

You could say I have my hands in many cookie jars at the moment. I have my graphic design business. I paint murals in schools around the state with one of my best friends. And I paint and draw when I can. (Not to mention, I have some wonderful people in my life who I enjoy spending down-time with.) But between all this juggling, I've realized the slice of time I used to devote to painting and drawing has whittled away to practically nothing. So I'm on a mission to win my artist mojo back.


Ever since I can remember, I wanted to be an artist "when I grow up."

Even as a child, I suppose I already was. I used to draw every single day; a stack of mini masterpieces piled up beside me as crayons whirled in a frenzy over the next blank sheet of paper. That was, of course, before I had these things we call "adult responsibilities." I haven't lost sight of my dreams, but I have definitely gotten distracted.

In an effort to return to my roots, I decided to start Color & Quill as an outlet for my art, in all its forms, and to share it with others. Nothing makes me happier than pouring my thoughts and creativity onto paper and canvas. Especially if it involves turning up some jams and sipping a glass of jammy red wine.

I'm very passionate about my work... and I'd love to hear from you, whether you have a project for me, have a question, or just want to give me a virtual high-5. Cheers!


Check out some of my design projects here: